Which cheap package deal suits you best?

Which cheap package holidays we go for will ultimately depend on our personal circumstances. What a family with small kids might consider to be the ideal break will probably be a world away from that opted for by a single person or a young couple. It’s important when deciding that you take into account any specific requirements, such as a preference for peace and quiet, a crowded and convivial atmosphere, wheelchair provision, or anything else that will be an important factor in contributing to the success of your holiday.

Young couples

Romantic young couples, such as those on honeymoon, may only really have eyes for one another, but great food and drink coupled with breathtaking views will certainly serve to heighten the mood. Italy is always good for this sort of break, and in Umbria especially there are holiday deals that place an emphasis on rustic simplicity so that couples can do more things together in a semi-rustic environment rather than having too many hectic distractions as in a bustling resort. Quiet towns like Orvieto and the medieval villages in the countryside are great for exploring together in a relaxed and devastatingly romantic manner.

People with mobility issues
Many people who use wheelchairs will probably have heard so many horror stories that they’ll be reluctant to travel abroad at all and often end up staying put. But there are plenty of wheelchair-friendly destinations out there, and as long as you do the research properly you can have as good a time as anyone else. Some destinations are better than others, of course, and the agent will be able to identify them along with all the necessary support systems you’ll need when you arrive. They’ll also be able to handle the technicalities for easy flight transfers and facilities on the plane itself.

Singles usually require a package that’s a bit, or significantly, different from what’s on offer for families and couples. Meeting new people is usually a major factor here, and the last thing you want is to end up alone at dinner surrounded by families with screaming kids and couples conversing in romantic seclusion. Singles holidays are usually available in exotic locations and highlight adventure and fresh experiences, broadening horizons and taking chances. Singles holidays can cover everything from breaks for single parents to older travellers wanting to explore remote destinations with like-minded companions.

Families with young kids
Families travelling with young children are ideal customers for organised package breaks. Options like cruises and resorts where specialists are on hand to organise all the entertainment for various age groups are a godsend for harassed parents who want their kids to have a good time but who are also looking for a bit of relaxation for themselves. Cruises especially are ideal when it comes to kids’ clubs, arcades and nursery facilities, allowing parents to wander off knowing that their offspring are in safe hands.

Families with older kids

Beach-club holidays are often a good idea for families with older children because here they’ll find enough tailored activities to keep everyone happy. There’ll be access to sailing and windsurfing, children’s clubs, mountain-biking and a range of other activities, and the lodging is normally full-board with everything included in the package price.

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