A #MadDayOut at Legoland Windsor!

As one of the 5 finalists in this years MAD Blogger Most Innovative Blog category, I was invited along on The MADS fun day at Legoland Windsor today. I had to bring the entire family with me but you can’t have everything. At least Fifi was happy to go on all the rollercoasters and thrill rides. It was a great day out, I almost caught up with a lot of the bloggers I know (almost Mr Wakeling, almost) and have a good old chin wag with a lot of them.

It was good have an excuse to go to Legoland too, especially when the sun was out for much of the day. It only rained briefly but we were watching the Pirate of Skeleton Bay at the time anyway so that was okay- the performers get so wet you’d feel churlish complaining about a bit of precipitation yourself. The kids loved going on the Boating and Driving School (the boy overtook two other boats, which was good going, whilst Fifi bombed it around in all the cars like she owned the place).

Anyway, to end it all, lets have a slideshow of our day out!