Cheers to Hillarys Blinds for sending me to Britmums

I know you lot would have found it hard to cope without yours truly at Britmums and rumour has it last years was a bit of a let down as I wasn’t there to win any of the video game competitions but rejoice! Thanks to some kind intervention by Hilarys Blinds, I can go to the ball Britmums this year. With three kids and a newly installed kitchen, I didn’t think I’d have the spare cash to go to Britmums this year but Hilary Blinds stopped making bespoke made to measure blinds just long enough to take pity on me and offer me sponsorship. Hurrah for them!

I have to admit we availed ourselves of their services a while back when we needed a new roller blind in the bathroom. We’d had the (original 1968) bathroom suite replaced with something a bit more modern but the tatty old cut to size blind we had up was letting the side down so we turned to Hilarys, who made it gosh darn easy to get a replacement that we liked. Almost synchronisity that they’re sending me to Britmums in fact.

So, the last time I was at Britmums proper (it was called Cybermummy back then), I did this, I wonder what shennanigans I’ll get up to this time…