Guest post: Camping holidays in style

When you meet the right person, you can’t be sure that you’ll agree on everything in life but most people realise that they have to compromise on some things in order to have a successful relationship.

Holiday planning is one area that can cause plenty of anguish if two halves of a couple have wildly different ideas of a fun way to spend time off. Camping is a love it or hate it kind of holiday choice! If you’ve been reared on family camping holidays throughout your childhood and want your kids to experience the same thing but you’ve got a partner who can’t stand the great outdoors and all of nature that comes with it, like bugs and creepy crawlies, then a week in a tent is not going to please the whole family.

That’s why lodge holidays are such a good idea. You get all the positives of a camping trip without actually having to do any camping! The partner who can’t stand the bugs gets to enjoy a home away from home experience in a luxurious holiday home, yet it’s located in the middle of a holiday park which has everything that you’d want on a camping holiday. That means you’ll have access to beautiful scenery and countryside – rural or coastal – and plenty of facilities for entertaining the whole family.

Holiday parks these days lack for nothing. You’ll find sports facilities like heated swimming pools and all kinds of activities like kayaking and other water sports, kids’ clubs to keep the children entertained and if you don’t feel like cooking, plenty of eating out options too. And all of this just a stone’s throw from the holiday lodge that you book to stay in.

Added to that, you have the convenience of having plenty of other families with children in the same place, who are ready and willing to become best friends with your kids for the time that you’re there, meaning that you and your partner can really make the most of your holiday time to relax!