B&N reduces the Nook HD and HD+ prices

I borrowed a Nook HD from Barnes & Noble back in December and liked it a lot, you can read the review here. I also have a Nook HD+, the bigger screened full HD version and that’s pretty much replaced my Nexus 7 as my tablet of choice since a software update allowed for full Google Play Store access. If the Nook customised environment isn’t your cup of tea, you can put a launcher like Nova on your Nook to make it more like a generic tablet, which is nice.

Barnes & Noble have now slashed the prices of the Nook HD and HD+ to £99 and £149 respectively. They’re a complete and utter steal at these prices- especially since micro SD card slots are getting rarer and rarer on tablets nowadays as manufacturers look to stiff you for a lot more money for internal storage. If you’re looking for a value for money tablet, with a great screen, have a butchers at their online store.

disclaimer: look, it’s a bargain, I’ve not been paid to let you know, I happen to be on B&N mailing list because I’m a Nook owner ;-)