The Crane Fly Conundrum

Suddenly, and completely out of the blue, Fifi has developed a blind terror of crane flies (aka the daddy long legs). It might be 30 degrees out but she’s insisting on sleeping in a closed room with the window shut in case they come in to get her. She wont even go into the bathroom until it’s been thoroughly cleansed, which is more than a little tiresome.

Things came to a head at bath time the other night. Fifi was in the bath, merrily having a good wash when she spotted 3 of them. This time I managed to keep her in the bath (the previous time, her shriek was still echoing across the house by the time she’d fled downstairs to the sitting room), whilst I disposed of the leggy interlopers. One of them escaped up the back of the blind and I was ordered to raise the blind and get it. Reluctantly I raised the blind, only to uncover about a dozen of the little blighters and Fifi fled unimpeded this time.

We’re not talking a bit of a scream and maybe a few tears here. We’re talking full on sobbing into incoherency that takes a good five minutes to come down from- red of face, out of breath, tear soaked terror. I’m at a slight loss how to deal with it, especially since we’ve had one or two accidents as she’s refused to go into the bathroom as a result of it’s occupants. Roll on winter? Maybe not but we need to think of something…