Unbelievable sexual behaviour in Irish Parliament

I’m not a fan of sexism wherever it manifests itself so when I spotted this video on Tumblr I decided to re-upload it to YouTube, since it will probably get a bigger audience. It’s live footage of discussion in the Irish Parliament over the abortion bill. Only one chap seems to be a bit distracted and so he decides to grab a female colleague and plonk her on his lap.

Fine Gael don’t seem particularly fussed about it mind you:

Fine Gael spokesperson says incident in which male TD pulled female colleague into his lap in Dáil was “silly” but “no malice involved”
— RTÉ News (@rtenews) July 11, 2013

What’s almost as depressing is the complete lack of attention anyone else gives the incident. Next term I’m signing Fifi up for ninja classes. Anyone tries that on her in the future, she’ll break them in two and vanish in a cloud of smoke.