When I got out for the evening…

I was invited to the Radio Academy’s summer quiz night at the Junction in Highbury & Islington last night. It elicited a typical display from Fifi and to a lesser extent the boy. I was sitting down and minding my own business, waiting for the quiz to start at about 7.15pm when the phone went. I noticed it was our home number so I took it with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Fifi was blubbing down the phone so hard, I couldn’t understand a word she said apart from the repeated litany of “Daddy, daddy, daddy..”. It was stirring stuff and apparently bought about by the huge mess of clothes on the floor she stalwartly refuses to pick up. Wifey warned it to her that the mound might contain the odd spider and that set her off. Crane flies are a particular problem as far as Fifi is concerned, and spiders, it appears, are an escalation on crane flies.

In the end I managed to remotely calm her down (a bit) and offered her my Panda to cuddle in bed. When I got home (we came 4th out of 17 teams by the way), I found a votive offering waiting on the stairs:

I’m not going out tonight. Well that’s not true, I’ve got a residents association meeting but I’m only round the corner and will be home first to put the kids to bed. That’s more or less the same thing. Honest.