And a new coat for wifey

I’ve not really understood the concept of getting a new coat because it’s new season, although I tend to wear coats out pretty quickly as I’ve mentioned. But such a concept is apparently fairly normal for ladies. A coat not wore out? Still can’t wear it for a second winter- heaven forbid!

Anyway, the prospect of buying a new coat for wifey is a bit different to buying one for me. I buy for utilitarian need but ladies coats are a bit more fashion concious. Last winter was all about layering (according to Glamour anyway), this winter, if they’ve got any sense, it’ll be about staying warm AND dry.

Of course one coat is never enough and several are needed. I seem to be using the word apparently a lot but I’m going to go out on a limb and carry on using it a lot. Apparently one coat isn’t enough either. There has to be a coat for the cold, a coat for the rain, a coat for going out, a coat for the school run, evenings, weekends, weddings, funerals, tea parties, tiffen, the list is pretty much endless. What it does mean is that ladies always tend to have a dry coat though, which is something I’m slightly envious of after a long trek to work in the torrential rain.

Mind you I am the person who used to own my own Dwayne Dibbley Duke of Dork t-shirt, so what exactly do I know about fashion? The answer is very little I suppose. Even now I’m going to need some serious help working out what to wear come the MAD awards next month. I know what not to wear but thats about as far as it goes really. For instance, our 6 year old has a lovely pair of bright yellow jeans and I definitely wont be sporting a pair of those. They don’t do them in my size :)