The ultimate in #middleclassproblems

Sunday saw us suffer from what can only be described as the most ridiculous problem I’ve encountered in all the years I’ve considered myself middle class. I’m not talking about Waitrose not having the right sort of tofu or the Tivo box corrupting the final episode of The White Queen. Oh no, I’m talking about something that took around 10 and a half hours to resolve last Sunday.

But to bring it fully into focus, first of all, we need to travel back in time a bit. In April we had our kitchen refitted and when it was finished, we decided to tack on a couple of days for Dave the painter to paint our sitting room as part of Operation De-clutter. Our sitting room had become a series of shelves that just seemed to collect bits and bobs and it was just a complete mess. By getting it painted, we had to pack everything up. We also took the opportunity to take down most of the shelves, with the intention of not putting them up again.

That was April and the other day Wifey had the ping of a new email arriving. Our British Gas remote heating had taken it upon itself to email Wifey and tell her that the wireless thermostat was running low on battery.

The problem was we hadn’t seen the wireless thermostat since the beginning of April- almost 5 months ago.

bloody thing

Not an issue for the heating at the moment because it’s obviously not turned on but come September, we might need it first thing in the morning. After putting it off for a couple of weeks, we bit the bullet and decided that Sunday would be Find the Wireless Thermostat Day. We started at just gone 8am, fully confident that it would be found before breakfast had even been digested. By lunchtime we were beginning to get a bit worried. By tea time we had covered the sitting room, the dining room, the utility room, the play room and the library, the loft (twice), the summer house and both the sheds. Nothing. Tempers were frayed, nerves were shredded. The constant interference from three small children made a methodical search rather difficult but eventually, at gone 6.30pm, we finally found the sodding thing.

It’s now nailed to the wall.