Winter is coming

It’s a bank holiday weekend, which invariably means it’s pissing it down with torrential rain. I have a tan line that starts at my knee and goes down to my ankle but that all counts for naught come the bank holiday. (Although I can be thankful that my tan hasn’t washed off.)

Invariably I tend to think of getting myself a winter coat at this time of year. Because I walk to and from work every day, I get through a coat pretty much every winter. I’ve worked through ski jackets, waterproofs with zip in fleeces and parkas and whatnot.

It’s funny thinking of wearing a coat and wrapping up warm in August but invariably the way the stores work means that their winter stock in on the shelves now and needs pursuing, especially when you have a long body and long arms like I do- I often manage to find a coat in an odd size that’s nice but makes me look like Mr Bean if I’m not careful.

This year, after a dalliance with Berghaus, I’m likely to return to Barbour for a change. It’s pretty darn durable and takes a soaking quite well. Unlike me. I tend to have to grab a pair of waterproof trousers every year too, there’s little point keeping your top half warm and dry if your trousers get soaked through when the rain is sideways. That’s happened on more than one occasion, although fortunately on the way home- don’t think I could stand sitting at my desk all day at work with soggy trousers. That’s the one thing that makes me different to the hundreds of school kids you see without a coat or brolly in February when it’s torrentially raining or whatever. Dunno why they don’t wear a coat or why their parents let them out into a chilly monsoon under-dressed. My kids wont be lacking in coats, that’s for sure.