Herts Library Service online magazines

Herts Library Service run an absolutely fab FREE digital magazine service that isn’t brilliantly advertised and is very confusing to sign up to.

All you need to sign up is a library card and a 4 digit pin number. If you don’t have or can’t remember your pin number, pop into a library and they’ll reset it for you.

The library service home page is a bit confusing, in as much as there are two distinct and separate online sections. Firstly you have the Check, renew, reserve service:

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Here you can renew books and reserve them, as the title suggests. But tucked away on the sidebar are the more interesting and potentially more useful services:
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The second link allows you to set up an account to download magazines to the Android and iPad/iPhone app Zinio. It is a bit confusing because you need to click on a specific link (this ONE) and register your library magazine account as a separate exercise from registering with Zinio. I already had an account with Zinio so didn’t need to do this stage. It’s best to register with the library magazine service first though, otherwise it gets confusing.
Once you’re registered you need to bookmark the Herts Library Service Landing Page, because I guarantee you’ll struggle to find it easily from the Library Service home page. But you’re ready to go!
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On your tablet or mobile device, the magazines will appear in your library:

And it really is as simple as that!