Little Green Pouches- a cunning idea for parents!

Every now and then something lands in my inbox that I think is a genius idea and Little Green Pouches are one of those things. Whilst the bods at Little Green Pouches were kind enough to offer me some of their products for review, since the company is new and run by a couple of mums, it didn’t seem fair to take their stock for a few words. Reading around the internet, the reviews are unanimously in support of what seems like a great product.

Basically, if you think of something like an Ella’s Organic pouch that you can either use to spoon feed a baby or give to a slightly older child to suck, but then imagine it completely reusable and easy to clean, that’s what the Little Green Pouch is.
I’ll let the ladies tell you more in their own words:

Little Green Pouches were designed primarily for parents on the go. Supermarket sales of pouch-style baby food is ever increasing. But they are expensive. Little Green Pouches are reusable, dishwasher safe and freezable.With an easy ziplock opening, parents can fill them and feed their babies homemade purees and smoothies ensuring little ones get their 5 a day. And best of all there’s no mess!

There’s no reason why adults can’t enjoy our pouches too. Taking a smoothie on the commute into work or for a packed lunch is a really healthy option. Our pouches have also been spotted by athletes; runners and cyclists like them for high energy snacks on the go.

We are so keen to help get British kids healthier with fruit and veg purees and smoothies and help parents save money by not spending a fortune in supermarkets on smoothie cartons and baby pouches. And it’s so great to know exactly what’s going into the pouch as you’re filling them yourself.

Disclosure: I’ve not been paid or given free stuff to promote these, they just look like a jolly good idea okay?