Not quite getting the hang of a bed

It became apparent a little while ago that Ned was mentally ready to leave the coat behind and move into his bed. Little things, like climbing into the boys bed, pulling the duvet up and patting it with a big grin on his face. Subtle he is not.

Ned will be two on New Years Day and it’s about the age that we put his big brother and sister in a bed, so we embarked on the great bed rearrangement over the weekend. The Boy’s Warren Evans bed went into Ned’s room and we got a mid height bed for the boy from IKEA. Ned immediately loved his bed and went down that night fairly easily. Last night he didn’t really go down at all. Wifey was in with him until about 12.30, then he fled the scene and ended up in bed between the two of us.

Tonight. Well tonight he cried for about ten minutes and then went to sleep. I gave him 15 minutes and then checked on him:

small boy asleep on chair

There is still some work to be done here it seems…