A bit of slow time

The other week I had an odd day off work. The boy and Fifi were both at school but wifey and Ned weren’t. We drove up to the National Trust’s Ashridge Estate and let Ned off the lead. We had a lovely couple of hours letting the littlest set the pace as we just strolled around doing naff all.

It was wonderful seeing the little fella kick leaves, and develop that special relationship that little boys have with sticks. We found mushrooms and saw deer. It was a genuinely peaceful and relaxed morning out.

I think it’s important with three kids to spend some time with each of them individually, otherwise it becomes a bit of a scrum for attention. I’m often flattened by a pile of children. It’s not pleasant and a fair amount of elbowing usually occurs.

We had most of the woods to ourselves, which probably only added to the tranquility. I wish I could recapture that sense of peace right now…