Doing it with an audience

“oh bravo, well done, that’s a good splash!”

I don’t know whether it’s a boy thing but Ned had his little coterie of soft toys, much in the way that the boy does. Currently his three most used words are, “Mum-mum”, “No!” and “Teddy”. “Not mum-mum” doesn’t even feature in the top five any more.

The teddies seem to come everywhere in the house with him at the moment. Instead of sucking an ear like the boy does, which is disgusting and creates a stink that not even a 90 degree wash preceded by a pre-treatment can shift, all Ned does is rub the labels on his cheek. This is much cuter and a lot more socially acceptable. We always try to get more than one of whatever soft toy our kids attach themselves to because the heartbreak of losing one would be too much for me to deal with.

Still, at the moment half the night time wake ups are caused by a lost teddy and it is tiring. There are however some incredibly cute moments, like the one pictured above, where Ned arranged his friends by the bath so they could watch him splashing around.