Things to do when you’re horrendously sick

On Tuesday I was sick. Exorcist sick in fact. Right down to bright yellow bile. It wasn’t pleasant* and had been preceded by the two youngest kids barfing up during the night. I’ve spent the best part of two days sitting around, either on the sofa or in bed, feeling like death warmed up. There are only so many things you can do because if you’re enjoying yourself too much, you should probably be at work. Ladies and gentlemen, those things are as follows:-

Day 1- the day of barf:

  • watch Barbie films with recovering 4 year old;
  • supervise/join in with 2 kids sleeping on the sofa;
  • fall asleep on the floor;
  • look at loaf of bread and dry heave several times;
  • watch all the tantrums from Ned over not being allowed milk;
  • cry softly at the 100th ask for milk from Ned;
  • fail to drink water whatsoever;
  • fail asleep in bed watching old reruns of Cheers**.
Day 2- the day of feeling dreadful but recovering:
  • set the 4 year old up doing her Reading Eggs;
  • put Skylander Giants on to reward the 4 year old for study;
  • “help” the 4 year old through some of the harder bits of Skylanders Giants***
  • fall asleep on the sofa a bit;
  • eat some toast;
  • bitterly regret eating some toast
  • man up a bit and have soup for tea while everybody else munches on risotto.
I think I met the mandate of not enjoying myself too much. Hopefully that’s me done for the winter, that was one hell of an unpleasant episode- I can’t believe Cheers is fondly remembered, it’s crap.

*for reference, seconds prior to barfing, your saliva glands go into overdrive, lubricating your mouth and throat for the hot bilious mess about to pass through
** a show I have never watched and had no intention of watching
***continue playing Skylander Giants for an hour after Fifi gets bored and wanders off elsewhere.