A day in with a difference

Wifey might level the accusation at me of being a bit of an attention whore and who knows she might even be right but when CNBC (the American news network) emailed me and said they were making some short films based on the concept of Innovation Cities and would I like to be in one because they spotted via twitter we had a smart thermostat, I nearly bit their hand off. I’m good like that.

We’ve done a bit of filming before, me for Xbox and Nissan, wifey for some cook in sauce company or other, so we knew roughly what to expect. Increasingly I’m finding a lot of the independent filming units are husband and wife; I suppose it fits in with family life well but whatever, the two man crew that came had their hands full. We worked pretty solidly from 10.30am until 5pm, and it was fairly exhausting. I turned taps on repeatedly, turned the shower on and off repeatedly, boiled many kettles and fiddled with lots of smartphone apps that never made it to the final cut (above). The kids loved it though and that’s really why I said we’d do it. I’m all for the kids having as many different experiences as possible!