Evolution of the littlest

Ned is going to be a pretty robust lad; with the boy being over 4 years older than him and Fifi being more than little bit cack-handed (whilst being very lovely to boot), he gets plenty of rough and tumble. Unfortunately this has lead to some of the more unsavoury habits that the boy occasionally still displays surfacing in young Ned.

anger. so much anger

Yesterday I was quietly sipping an accidental cup of green tea (the bags look the same as my English Breakfast tea you see) in wifey’s armchair when Ned wandered up. I assumed he was after a cuddle so opened by legs to let him come closer for a cuddle. Instead of a Ned hug, a got one short sharp punch to the left testicle, followed by the sound of footsteps rapidly retreating and a laughter soundtrack from all the other assembled children in the room. I am delighted to say I neither swore or split the tea and I’m not sure which ranks as the greatest achievement frankly.