Sponsored post: what to do if you’ve been let down by your solicitor

We’ve had some great experiences with solicitors, the settlement one firm got my brother for constructive dismissal was brilliant (so much so, he was actually able to spend his gardening leave actually gardening), but on the other hand we’ve had some pretty shoddy service too. I particularly remember the horrendous job of conveyancing that was done when we moved to our current house. I wont name names but pretty much everything that could have gone wrong or been done badly was done so. When they did the searches, all they seemed to do was get the paperwork, send it over to us and ask “are there any questions you want us to ask?” Pardon me for being Mr Thickie from Thicksville but what exactly were we paying them for other than to check the information that they had just obtained? It went from bad to worse too- after a completion date had been arranged, they forgot to call the money down from the mortgage lender and on the actual day of completion it turned out they hadn’t done the building regs check on the garage extension that the lender had demanded before we completed.

The complete dogs dinner of a job our solicitors did was pretty much the reason I adopted a “you’ll only get me out of this house in a box” approach to moving that’s done my Dad so well these last 31 years. Of course, had I know that solicitor negligence is something that you can actually get redress over, either via another firm of solicitors looking into it for you or a direct complaint to the Law Society, I might have done slightly more than drawing an inverted pentagram out of salt and anointing the cardinal points with black candles before sacrificing a chicken. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Of course the vast majority of solicitors are model professionals but it is nice to know that they;re not entirely untouchable or not able to be taken to task isn’t it?