Making sure I big myself up to the kids

Table football runners up- yay!

Given there are so many negative potrayals of Dads/men on telly, I think it’s important to celebrate any successes you have with your kids. Silly Daddy Pig is a familiar refrain to anyone who has ever seen Peppa Pig and it’s an attitude which is silent pervasive across a lot of kids television. Even when you kick up a stage to CBBC, adults, and specifically parents are often outwitted by the clever kids and it’s usually the Dad who’s the idiot who makes the bad choices.

So when we went on a corporate table football challenge the other week, I made sure I had my competitive trousers on and we played our socks off, losing eventually in the final. Still, we did get a trophy as runners up, which was nice.

My only real issue was the kit we had to wear- the works 5-a-side clobber. The shorts were a little bit revealing…

not the sort of bigging myself up I do for the kids.