Night of the Living Ned

What a night! Now that the Christmas holidays are here we’ve decided to try and break Ned’s bad sleeping habits. To whit he still wakes up once or twice in the night for milk. He will go back down if I go in and bottle him (with milk I hasten to add) but if wifey goes in, he makes such a fuss that rather than going back into his cot, he goes into the bed in his room, along with wifey. She then spends the rest of the night being kneed and elbowed until dawns rays break the horizon.

Enough is enough. We’ve tried to break this habit once before and it worked. Sort of. For a week or so anyway, until he got sick and it stopped working. Now it’s even worse than ever. A week of interrupted sleep saw us both go to bed at 8.30 last night. So we felt really confused by the screaming at 10.45- a full two or three hours earlier than normal. Some milk, a nappy change and THREE endless hours of rage and screaming later, he finally went back to sleep.

I waited 15 long minutes before popping into the lions den to pull Ned’s duvet up over him. I needn’t have bothered, he’d done it himself and was finally peacefully asleep. Until 7 o’clock anyway…