When Reviews Go BAD

I don’t really review bad products on the blog. This is primarily because I always tend to do a bit of research before I say yes to something. There’s nothing worse than trying to find nice things to say about something that’s crap. Life is too short anyway; I have 3 kids and a full time job, so I don’t exactly want to spend my spare time twiddling around with something that’s rubbish and then writing about it.

Sometimes though I’ll take to Amazon when I see a product that looks rubbish, vent my spleen and then promptly forget about it. It turns out I did this back in February of 2012 and I’ve only just seen the comments.

Wow. Some of the replies to my damning review of a babywipe WARMER on Amazon are unintentionally hilarious: http://t.co/O9kNZ7S4SZ
— Daddacool (@daddacool) December 20, 2013

Yes, you read that correctly, a device to warm up babywipes. You can read my review in full here but the highlights include: “This is a product devised by a marketing department to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.” and “a dad with 3 kids who seem well adjusted despite having their bottoms wiped with cold cold baby wipes.”

Spleen having been well and truly vented (I think Ned was about 1 month old at the time so I was even more irascible than normal), I completely forgot about it until I was clicking about on Amazon today. Some of the responses to my review are brilliant. Hilarious and brilliant. Unintentionally hilarious and unintentionally brilliant.

Miss Carolyn Penny tells me to shut up because I’ve got a microwave. I think that’s what she’s said, it’s a little unclear what she really means other than I’m some form of hypocrite who should be quiet. Her comment is a selection of words in some sort of informal order, evidently intended to give an opinion but I’m just not quite sure what it is.

E. Sanders thunders “Mr Walsh should spend his time worrying about his own parental shortcomings instead of condemning other parents for choices they make”. The marketing department of the Prince Lionheart company must be clapping each other on the back at comments like this. Hook, line and sinker. I’ll wager people like E. Sanders probably have bottle warmers, excessively expensive chest of drawers with built in change stations (there’s nothing like spending more than you should on some storage so you can precariously balance your baby on it to change a stinky nappy is there?). It really gets my goat when companies prey on the fears of first time parents.

Miss Carolyn Penny obviously went away and stewed over my review for almost 6 weeks because she decided to make another comment later, suggesting that my lack of warmed baby wiping technology was symptomatic of some darker underlying malaise: “Well i shudder to think what he does to HIS kids personally!”

Some people might take offense at people taking offense like this. Me, I’ve just reported most of them for ad hominem attack and had a jolly good chuckle, because I’m good like that.