A sobering trip to Mixology with Brita

There’ nothing I like more than a Friday evening out in town, especially when that night out involves a trip to Shoreditch and more specifically Mixology, a rather famous school for cocktail making. As well as doing corporate entertaining evenings, Mixology also train up cocktail waiters.

Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of a dry January, so there were no alcoholic cocktails on the menu for me to mix, instead a selection of mocktails- non alcoholic versions. This could have been a disaster but fortunately wasn’t as the lad in charge knew his onions (metaphorically that is, no actual onions were harmed during the course of the evening).

There were a goodly number of people that Brita have invited to take a dry January there, and it was impressive to see they’d managed to convince a Scot to take the challenge. I wasn’t convinced Scots trusted the water outside of Scotland but it was all good fun nonetheless.
We made a good few cocktails, one of which looked dead on for pond water with a few twigs floating in it:

The thing was it was proper gorgeous. It had cloves, crushed ginger and a few other bits and bobs in it, and was topped off with boiled water from the Morphy Richards Brita filter kettle.It was just the sort of warm spicy drink that we all needed on a miserably cold and wet Friday night. And it was a miserable evening. Outside at any rate. I do like the kettle with the built in water filter. Locally our water is so hard we end up buying special (ie manky) tea for hard water areas. We also get through kettles at an alarming rate of knots too.

You can find all of the Brita Mocktail recipes here.

It’s interesting being dry in January. It’s an exceptionally busy month for me in the day job- accountancy- as the start of plenty of December year ends kick off and the January 31 income tax deadline is looming. Having a nice clear head (despite multiple birthdays) has been rather refreshing and pleasant to be honest.