I have a thirst…

Outside it might be raining, in here it’s entertaining. And dry. In more than once sense of the word. I’ve decided to go dry for January, with a bit of help from Brita and their water filters. I have to admit to slightly indulging in the beery joy of Christmas and New Year, especially as some rather nice LBV Port was on offer in the supermarket but even before Christmas my path had been plotted out for me- I’ve joined the gym with an aim to getting rid of what might have been called puppy fat 25 years ago but is now rapidly heading into the realm of middle aged spread. All before I turn 40, which is comfortably well over a year away*.

Those nice people at Brita have sent me some jugs and a water bottle with a built in filter (ideal for the gym, since I’m convinced I probably lose more than 600ml in sweat during a work out) and set up a programme of events for January to show that I can still have fun and excitement without an alcoholic beverage in hand. I’m hoping they’re proved right because to my mind, the best alcoholic beverage is a free alcoholic beverage, ideally provided on a corporate account so nobody has to feel guilty.

I’m definitely not one of these people that believe in the concept of “detox”- or the health purges that a lot of people go on. Show me some peer reviewed medical studies that show a definite result and I’ll change my mind but in the context of my “try not to die before I’m 40” drive, I’m definitely on the right track. In fact, I’ve been down the gym at 6.15 IN THE MORNING twice in the last week, Brita bottle of drink in hand and ready to roll. That’s not really doable on a skinful the night before…

So far things are progressing well. I’d forgotten what “normal” water tasted like to be honest. Our water is so hard that companies like Yorkshire Tea actually make a special version for hard water areas. The timing is pretty good for a challenge like this really as my dentist has recently banned me using fruit squash or cordial. my teeth are literally dissolving in my mouth, mostly as a result of me putting cordial into exceptionally hard water to make it palatable. I have enough trouble staying hydrated as it is, and working in a heavily air conditioned environment doesn’t help much either.

All in all then, so far it is definitely a case of so good. I’m losing the beery bloated feeling from Christmas and (touch wood) haven’t missed the beer yet.

*372 days and counting. *GULP*