Vocab 101 with Ned

As I briefly mentioned in my not quite a review of the year post, it’s fun listening to all the little words and phrases our newly two year old comes up with. In the interests of completeness, I thought I’d put together a more comprehensive list. There are some interesting inclusions as well as some surprising omissions.

  • More. This is usually in conjunction with other words, like Teddy, cake or snack. Often it is also quite loud and aggressive. Very popular.
  • Teddy. Ned has two identical (except for ageing) LEGO Teddies. He is obsesses with rubbing the labels on their bottoms around his mouth, so half the time he looks like he’s licking their bottoms. Teddy is often combined with more and where to great effect.
  • Where. Almost exclusively used with Teddy and Mummy, the two most important things in Ned’s life (after snacks). The former is usually in the middle of the floor somewhere, the latter, probably hiding in the toilet.
  • A poo poo (pronounced pou pou). Ned is happy to inform us when he’s done a big stinking poo but slightly less happy to have it changed. 
  • Milk (pronounced Miluk!). Ned’s nourishment of choice. He still has about 24 ounces of milk a day (and night), which whilst meaning he’ll have great bones, means he often wakes up rather soggy, or as he puts it…
  • Wet! A nappy violation caused by too much milk. Record recently was a toddler wet from his neck down to his ankles. Awesome.
  • Yikes! A new exclamation of surprise, which is in itself surprising from young Ned. I blame it on incidental Scooby Doo watching (Fifi is a Scooby Doo addict).
  • Walk/Out! Interchangeable terms for Ned wanting to go out on foot and run off. Fortunately he’s still small enough not to realise he’s giving the game away.
  • Snack! An word that covers a multitude of sins, ranging from raisins, to grapes, apples and melon to the dark side of crisps, cake and sweets. The only two snacks that get vocalised individually to any degree are cake and sweets.
  • Cake. The main sustenance of young Ned, along with milk.
  • All right mate? A term of endearment.
  • Mine. Used most frequently when I try to give wifey a cuddle. Often aggressively shouted.
  • Night night. See you in about 4 hours when I will be hungry as I didn’t eat my dinner due to incessant snacks.
  • Mummy. Best person in the world. Used in conjunction with mine, snack and a poo poo most frequently.
  • Daddy. Used when no response received to Mummy. Plan B.
  • Yuck. Multi use word, for dinner, a poo poo, wet and unsavoury snacks.
  • Duck. Either the rubber variety, in the bath, or the real ones in the park. Includes pigeons. 
  • Doctor Who (Doc ‘Oo). The boys favourite TV show, Ned can now tell when it’s on and lets us all know.
That’s the vocab that gets the wee lad through most of his days, along with some earnest nodding, pointing and shouting.