A story about a frog

Dostoyevsky- lover of frogs, writer of
children’s books. Apparently.

Ask the boy what he did at school and you get a few monosyllabic words, ask Fifi and you get chapter and verse, which veers into an incredibly creative world when she can’t remember something. At school at the moment they are doing something about a frog. Called Tibiawikia or something, Fifi is none to clear on the name. Or who wrote it in fact. When wifey suggested it might be Julia Donaldson, ever keen to please, Fifi agreed that was probably the author.

A likely story.

I then suggested the book might be written by Dostoyevsky, the famous Russian author perhaps better known for Crime & Punishment and The Idiots. Do you know what Fifi’s response was?

Wait Daddy, I can remember the name on the cover of the book. D-O-S-T….?

 I’m not sure whether Fifi is genuinely try to please us by agreeing with what we say, or whether I’m the victim of a very elaborate piss take. Given her sense of humour, the pessimist in me is plumping for the latter. But hey, we live in hope!

I shouldn’t complain really, because the boy gives a description of his day as “I can burp to order but got told off for doing it.” while Fifi will say, “Well, we started the day with literacy, then moved on to fine motor skills. Then I had a drink, then we played and played with x and x and x….” and it will go on for about half an hour. Filtering out what actually happened from the fanciful filler does require some concentration but it’s never dull.

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