Coming out the other side


I’ve not been well this past week or so. Something I coughed up four days ago and hocked over a fence (sorry, didn’t have a tissue) is still sitting on an unreachable piece of concrete looking green and wet, impervious to wind or rain.

The snotty head and pounding headaches I can just about cope with (I am a man after all) but the bone aching weariness and the rest? Not so much. I’ve been a good bloke and not taken to my sick bed, aside from an hour the other week after I’d been up in the night with Ned, taken the kids to swimming and built rather too much Lego with them. True, I did accidentally fall asleep on the sofa on Sunday afternoon and the boy looked after me, covering me with a throw and keeping Ned from hitting me in the face too much- I was eventually woken up by a large plastic aeroplane running over my face but he’d done a stirling job up to that point..

I love it that my eldest took it upon himself to look after me, that was so cute. Before you start thinking, typical man, probably only a light cold, what’s he going on about? if you check with wifey she will testify I tend to soldier through when I’m ill. I’ve only had three sick days in the last two years at work, and they all related to being covered in vomit (mostly someone else’s). Perhaps I’m getting old, all I do know is that dry January has pretty much continued thanks to poorly February….