Double teaming me all the way

I was in a bit of a hurry this morning as I had to get to work sharpish and package up the JBL Voyager for it’s return. I’m sad to see it go but they want it back (boo, hiss!). Obviously my need for haste transmitted itself as if by magic to the kids, who did their best to delay me. The boy proclaimed he wanted his scooter that made car noises for the school run as they’re doing transport at school. This involved braving the cascade from the cupboard under the stairs, locating some AAA batteries and then finding the gaffer tape because the battery compartment, which was underneath the footboard, had lost it’s door and would have lasted all of about 5 metres before spilling it’s battery content on the path to the consternation of everyone involved. 

Because I was doing something for the boy, this obviously meant that Fifi had to interrupt every 3 seconds with a “Can I just tell you something?” and Ned had to be picked up and cuddled. Of course Ned only ever wants to have a cuddle when someone else is getting attention and the other two want you to do something for them when you’re doing something for the other one. The concept of waiting until it’s their turn or you’re finished doesn’t really seem to cross their minds.

This is why the terror of the dentist on Saturday (an hour and a half in the chair), was offset somewhat by an hour and a half of not having to simultaneously fulfil the needs and wishes of three children at the same time. And since I was having a jolly unpleasant time, I didn’t have to worry about not being their to give wifey a hand looking after them.