How to be contrary

This past month young Ned has levelled up, like a lot of two year old do. His vocabulary is growing on a daily basis and his understanding by the hour. Since he’s a third (if it’s good enough for Ender Wiggins, it’s good enough for him), he can generally get away with murder and has two much older siblings to learn bad habits from.

The current manifestation of this is his perfection of the belligerent expression, coupled with the ability to do exactly the opposite of what you want him to do at any given moment.

Me: “are you the world’s most contrary 2 year old?” 2 year old “no.”
— Daddacool (@daddacool) February 9, 2014

For example, tell him to stop throwing his teddy at you and you can guarantee that it will hit you in the face at some point in the very near future. Tell him to eat his dinner or he wont have any pudding and he’ll be down from the table in a matter of seconds. In fact Fifi is the only one who can actually send him to the naughty step without a fight, which is exceptionally odd as she’s only 5 and more often than not the one who’s instigated the trouble Ned’s found himself in. His particular favourite wheeze at the moment involves standing by the full drop curtains, and twirling himself around in them. He is going to pull the curtains and curtain pole down on his head at some point, and it will probably serve him right.