Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014- Challenge!

We’ve failed miserably in the first challenge Mario and Sonic set us- the 2 man bobsleigh. I have to say the fail mostly occured as we couldn’t immediately find the 2 man bob, so assumed the challenge was a typo and did the 4 man instead. Judging by our winning time, 58:784, it looks like the track is different as the time we were set for the 2 man was three and a half minutes.

We’ll have to have another look and try again on that but getting the 58 second time took us so long, the kids claimed fatigue. Some of the events are definitely more suited to kids. On one of the snowboard downhill events, I managed to get enough of a lead up to take over from the boy, in last, and get him to second, whilst he kept the lead with my character. I feel like that was a pretty good achievement.

Playing a bit of Mario & Sonic has lead the kids to have a better tolerance of me watching the Winter Olympics, which can only be a good thing…