Something of (Nissan) Note

There it is, gently nudging into shot, stage right!

Tuesday was one of those entertaining days. You know, the sort of day where your two year old wanders into your bedroom munching half a bar of Dairy Milk that you swore was in a cupboard out of reach, your other kids are demanding to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the one classic you don’t own (why that film kids, why?), and oh, a camera crew turn up, followed by a shiny high tech Nissan Note, and the product development manager for said automobile.

Along with one other UK blogger who I may or may not know (I do know), we’ll be testing the Nissan Note for a couple of weeks and providing some interesting insight into the car as we go about our daily life as an average family. Heh I can’t believe I just wrote “average family”. Sorry.

Things got off to a good start when Ned immediately fell in love with the car and refused to come out of the back seats area until we waved a packet of Haribo at him. Fortunately the production crew managed to get their shooting done before the weather took a turn for the dreadful, which was nice.

Anyway, keep an eye out for some observations over the next couple of weeks, including a full review. How exciting!