Family Fun Finalist at the Mads 2014

Well my gob has been well and truly smacked. Thank you all. I made a desultory attempt to get shortlisted in this years Mads in the Innovation category so I could gracefully lose to Annie again but it appears you all had different ideas.

Thank you.

I’m now a finalist in the Family Fun category and one of three dads appearing in the finals. Hurrah!

It’s a bit surreal to be honest as my fellow finalists appears to be:

One of them even has family fun in it’s title for goodness sake! Still, here I am, and never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m already looking forward to staggering between the tables at the awards ceremony in September drinking the dregs from the bottles of red left on the tables. Last year was brilliant fun.

If you want to see what I class as family fun, you can look at my category here. It’s a mixture of kid themed reviews and days out that I hope capture what it is to have fun together. Sometimes just sitting on the sofa and watching Strictly Come Dancing is Family Fun to my mind as everybody needs their down time, even grown ups.

Vote for me if you want to, I’d appreciate it but if you think one of the other 4 is a better candidate, go for it, that is also very cool.

But for now, I’ll leave you with a video I made about what we get up to on our summer holidays: