Ned is at it again

The other day Ned threw a plastic toy car at Fifi and it hit her in the face. She over reacted as is her wont but it was a sufficiently naughty action to warrant a trip to the naughty step. Normally Ned takes himself off to the naughty step, grumbling to himself but this time I had to take him and he refused to sit there. Eventually I gave up and told him if he wouldn’t sit still I’d have to put him in his cot for the mandatory 2 minutes. Which I did.

About a minute later, as I was tidying stuff up at the bottom of the stairs, I was hit on the head by a teddy bear. I heard a chuckle from the top of the stairs. Yes, we’d reached that point where Ned could climb out of his cot. He looked inordinately pleased with himself so I summoned wifey and asked him to show us how he did it. Ned’s room is rather tightly jammed with furniture at the moment. He has a cot along side a bed he refused to go into a few months ago and this set up had provided his means of egress. The bed had a bed guard on the side and the little fellow had simply reached over the side of his cot, grabbed the rail at the top of the bed guard and hauled himself out head first onto his bed. It certainly looked dangerous as he was effectively falling head first and taking the impact through his head/neck.

As responsible parents we resolved to remove him from his cot and re-introduce him to his bed. It didn’t go well. The first time I settled him in his bed, the made it out of the door before I did. The second time was a lot more impressive though. He snuggled down in bed and said night night, I left, shut the door and went to give Fifi and the Boy their story. After their story I noticed that Ned’s door was now open and on further investigation he wasn’t in his bed. We looked in his room, the kids rooms, the bathroom but eventually the Boy found him downstairs, sitting on the sofa, watching Dora the Explorer on the iPad.

Devious little monkey.

When we eventually managed to settle him in his bed, he slept through until about 3am and ended up in our bed. This isn’t as good as he’s managed in his cot recently- he’s finally started sleeping through until at least 6am, but for his first night in a big boys bed, it wasn’t too horrific.