Ned the Destroyer

He knows his own mind. The other day he was sitting on my lap and we were having a roaring competition. I could ROAR for longer but Ned was louder. Wifey walked in, looked at us and didn’t say a word. It was that kind of day. Ned is currently only just over two but he is turning rapidly into BOY PLUS. He has it all- an obsession with Scooby-Doo, a love of snacks, a propensity for random acts of violence.

Was lying in bed considering getting up when the 2 yr old threw a MELON at me. No kidding. A MELON.
— zooarchaeologist (@zooarchaeologis) March 27, 2014

Bear in mind that the melon in question was a honeydew melon, kept in a fruit bowl on the kitchen worktop, which is considered out of reach of all the children. Ned had decided to drag a chair from another room to get the melon and had then carried it upstairs. After all, most families don’t have a melon storage facility situated on the 1st floor (unless they live in a town house but you get my general point). Wifey was understandably not impressed with the melon incident and instructed Ned to take it back downstairs.

Which he did.

Sort of.

She apparently heard the thunk as it bounced off each step on it’s rapid descent.