Review: LEGO Mixels

Left to right: Krader, Zorch and Teslo

LEGO have apparently listened to me (they haven’t, it’s providence) and released a new range of monster figures called the Mixels in conjunction with a new Cartoon Network show based on the characters. The price? £3 each, which is ideal bribery reward cost for the boy for some petty achievement he wouldn’t do otherwise.

He’s really in to LEGO at the moment but considering his prime focus is building sets from a box with instructions and not making his own models out of the 20 kilos of LEGO we have, it’s a fairly expensive habit. Fortunately the Mixel characters have up to 70 pieces of LEGO in them, which means they can keep him occupied for a while building them and once you have a few, you’ve got enough for a game. Sorted.

For what it’s worth, the Mixels are apparently battling the naughty Nixels for some reason or other. Knowing the Cartoon Network it probably involves mild peril and a bit something or other. There are several different “tribes” with different attributes, so I can see a videogame on the horizon.

LEGO sent me the three models above for the boy to have a fiddle with and he had a great time building them, waiting for Ned to pull them to pieces and then building them again. At £3 they’re good value and right at the bottom end of the cost stakes in terms of LEGO.