Steaming into Spring Cleaning: Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 review

Now that half term is well and truly a distant memory, the fallout from half term has to be dealt with and boy oh boy it needs doing. Now I’m part of the Karcher Ambassador programme for 2014 (probably due to my natural affinity with the colour bright yellow), this task has been made a bit easier by a return to steam power.

Karcher sent me their multi purpose Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 with the brief of doing a bit of spring cleaning. Well, the 1st of March is the official first day of spring, so what better day to blitz the kitchen floor, the sinks and the downstairs toilet?

You can see the difference the steamer made to the tiles around our recycling bin in the kitchen. It always gets a bit grubby here as we are keen to encourage our kids to tidy up after themselves (personal responsibility and all that), so it does become a sort of fallout exclusion zone round there on occasion.

Everybody was equally impressed with the effect I got when I steamed the toilet too:

The kids were strangely disappointed the cloud didn’t smell. Which was decidedly odd but given the aromas that normally emanate from there, not perhaps that surprising. The Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 comes with a number of different attachments for cleaning different surfaces, ranging from troublesome spots on carpet of textiles, to tiled floors, windows and around taps and fittings in the sink or bath.

All of it packs nicely into the box, in fact once you’ve taken it out of the box, throw the box away or give it to the kids to play with since you’ll never get the stuff back in (you have to attach the wheels) and it all stows away on the steamer anyway.

We’ve had a lot of home use gadgets and gizmos over the last 11 years of home ownership and whilst they have all worked with varying degrees of success, with the odd exception, we’ve lost half of the attachments in a fairly short period of time. On-board storage is a great feature.

But like many things the real litmus test is how much grime you can spot after you’ve used it. When I steamed the kitchen floor, the cloth looked like this afterwards:

To my mind that speaks volumes about the stain shifting power of the  Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500. I reckon the floor is now clean enough for me to eat my dinner off. What do you reckon? The  Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 retails for £230. You can buy cheaper steam cleaners but you’re unlikely to be able to buy a steam cleaner with the durability of the Karcher for less. 
Prior to being invited on to their ambassador scheme, I’d already bought some Karcher products. What had impressed me and continues to impress me is the no nonsense durability of their gear. Looking past the yellows, it’s all very durable plastics, and sensible designs, like the wind for the power cable in the pressure washer or here, in this case, the clips on the top for the attachments. It lets you get on doing this with no fuss: