#1stworldproblems are still flipping annoying

After a long day out in London, preceded by a broken nights sleep, what better way to end the day than a trip to Sainsbury? Well when it’s the Sainsbury at London Colney, bad things always seem to happen and sure enough when it came to checkout time, it happened again. 
From the picture below you’ll see a man with a trolley and a conveyor belt full of food. But it wasn’t always this way. I remember the good old days when it was just his wife and daughter, with a packet of ham and a french stick between them. It was obviously at that point I chose that till to queue up at. Imagine my surprise when A-Hole turned up and barged past me with his TROLLEY FULL OF GOODS. 
The normal me would have kicked up a massive fuss and perhaps forced the uniformed berk who was standing behind me with his headpiece on to open another till but it was the end of a long long day and I just gave up. If there wasn’t a birthday cake and stuff in the trolley for the boy, I would have walked.