Dem Bones

Occasionally the boy brings something back from school that surprises us in a good way and yesterday was one of those days. Aside from his sticker for being the best in his age group at Multi-Sports, when rummaging in his school bag for anything of interest that he’d forgotten to tell us about, we found this collaborative effort:

I’d be happy if I’d found that as a cave painting, so for a pair of 7 year olds to come up with it is pretty good. I’m particularly impressed with the fibula and tibia, as well as the epiphysis detail on the longer bones. I suppose that comes from them both having mums with archaeology degrees, one of whom (wifey) is a human remains expert*. 
Now we know that the boy is very visual, all we need to do is find a visual way to help him with his times tables. He can “learn” one and retain the knowledge for perhaps a day or so and then it’s been displaced by something more important, usually a fact about LEGO…
*and who also diagnosed my brothers gout correctly about 10 years ago.