In need of a rest

Lucky bugger

I was feeling a bit ill and generally worn out yesterday. It’s not been helped by the clock change or Ned’s requirement to spend most of the evening (and a fair proportion of the subsequent night) in our bed. I was offered the opportunity of a duvet day by the lady wife but stoically turned to down to trek round the zoo with three children who were partially interested in the animals but more interested in the adventure playground that ZSL have built. We always steer clear of the softplay because they’ve made a pigs ear of it- it’s far too popular for it’s size and always leads to tears.

It was a bit of a trudge for me as I wasn’t feeling great but seeing Ned gleefully shout “‘Ippo”, “Cheetah!”, and “Lion!” was probably worth it on it’s own. He’s developing quite the vocab. By the time we got home I needed a rest, which I eventually got and nodded off for about an hour. Any idea of an early night was scuppered by Ned though, who didn’t depart our bed until well gone 9 o’clock.