Now we’re to eat 7 a day?!

The current 5-a-day guidance is a bit vague in places if you ask me. I’m sure a while ago there was guidance that you had to have 5 different pieces of fruit or veg, indicated by the every more exotic (and expensive) range of fruits in the suggested eating- mango & papaya for example.

It’s depressing to hear that two thirds of the country don’t even meet the 5 a day, however arbitrary it is in numbers, portion sizes and everything else. At least it’s a starting point.

I don’t think we fall into the two thirds, although wifey may beg to differ. Seldom a day goes by without the kids having an apple or pear, some raisins, and a banana. Ned has even developed a fixation with melon, that regular readers will be aware of.

Gardening. Sort of.

The problem is though, the provision of all this fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t exactly cheap. There are 5 of us in the house. We must get through a bag of apples,a bag of pears and a bunch of bananas every single day. And that’s before we start looking at melons, oranges, satsumas, grapes, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, all of which are probably a weekly purchase.  Same with vegetables- a large cauliflower isn’t much less than a pack of sausages.

We spend far more on food than the amounts I see disclosed by a lot of bloggers. Part of this is because we have made the choice to buy ethical meat, which means no “two chickens for a fiver” offers for us but buying plenty of fresh fruit and veg isn’t cheap either. We grow our own too- peas, strawberries, raspberries, goosberries and rhubarb but I’m under no illusion that it’s much cheaper than buying them by the time we’ve spent on compost and gardening accoutrements.