The ambience of Ned’s bedroom

I am by various means being gradually moved out of my own bed by a devious two year old. His energy knows no bounds, so despite pretty much ditching the pushchair, and any naps, he isn’t ready whatsoever to go to bed when the boy and Fifi do. For that matter he is sometimes still awake when we want to go to sleep.

Ned is particularly tenacious in his attempts to not go to bed. Ever since we took him out of his cot when we found out he was literally flinging himself over the rails, he’s either pounded on his door shouting, or simply opened it and escaped when we’ve put him to bed before he’s ready to go. Before we gave up, we could easily spend two hours putting him back in his bed, leaving him to cry, settling Fifi who would be woken up repeatedly, before we gave up and had him in with us.

Now, he might go to sleep in our bed (or not) and I’ll carry him to his bed at 10ish. He might sleep through the night but probably 4 nights out of 7, he comes into our bed at around 3am. Within half an our of this toddler infiltration, he’s dug his toenails into my side so much, that I give up and go into his bedroom. If he’s not done the toenail thing, he does the “leg drop”- he lifts his legs up, manoeuvres them above me and just drops them onto my ribs. Repeatedly.

I’m getting used to the view of the motor car wallpaper I put up in his room. I must say I also get unusually vivid dreams in his bed too. It’s a rather hard bed, which probably isn’t helping with the odd dreams…