Review: Spicers of Hythe Father’s Day Hampers

Father’s Day can be a bit of a waking nightmare to get presents for- ask my lady wife. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some very thoughtful presents over the years but the stress, ouch.

Spicer of Hythe specialise in making hampers, and they now do a great range of hampers specifically for Father’s Day. Their range starts at a very reasonable £28 and goes all the way up to a £85 hamper replete with two bottles of wine, aniseed balls and some rather tasty looking crisps.

So Spicer kindly sent me the Father’s Day Hamper (£28 delivered dontcha know) to scoff at my leisure to let you all know whether their hampers are any cop or not. In our family a £28 gift on anything other than a birthday or Christmas is pushing the boat out, so even though this is about as affordable as Spicer’s get, it’s nice to see a selection of quality bits and bobs in the hamper.

I think out of the snacks included the pepper cashews are easily the best but the odd chocolate I managed to steer away from wifey was very pleasant too. The flapjacks were good, the whiskey marmalade went very nicely on some crumpet too. The gift box itself is very well made.

I must admit to being initially sceptical about a box of consumables winging it’s way to me for Father’s Day but in hindsight it works quite well. It was, aside from the wine, pretty much all stuff I’d not have normally bought. Have I mentioned I’m hooked on the pepper cashews?