Textbook stuff

I’m sitting in the office, as I have been for the last hour or so, waiting for a very large report to generate. I got up early and quietly this morning at 6ish. Yes, it was another start from the Bed of Ned but I had slept the sleep of 5 a side exhaustion, so was quite rested. Creeping out of bed, I did my usual check that everyone (else) was where they were supposed to be- Fifi snoring gently, a mound of boy in his bed, and wifey (and Ned) in ours.

Imagine my surprise then on finding the boy downstairs watching Horrid Henry on CITV. Odd, I mused out loud, considering he appeared to have been in his bed scant moments ago. Aha! replied the 7 year old, I got extra pillows and arranged them to look like a person in bed, just like I read in Harry Potter. This was a degree of ingenuity that I hadn’t expected from the boy, even if it was a little bit unnecessary. Still, it proves he’s reading and taking it all in, which is the important thing I suppose.