My #shelfie or how we’re terrible book hoarders

The great clear out continues apace- this weekend alone I’ve taken two bin bags of clothes to the charity shop and another one down to the clothing bank. Earlier this year we sold a couple of dozen books to Amazon and took another 100 or so down to the charity shop. At times I’ve wondered if they have any stock on display that wasn’t supplied by us. But still, our 6 IKEA Billy bookcases in the room we grandly call our library are mostly double stacked with books, with any gaps at the top often filled up with more books.

What’s more galling is I’ve started buying a lot more books on Kindle now as it’s sometimes cheaper and more convenient.

Still, we’re starting to see an improvement in the general clutter in the house, it is looking tidier so perhaps the book cases are the next place to target…

  • Peter Grant, Glasgow

    They should stick to delivering gas, as they know nothing about EV recharging in the real world. First, those of us with Economy 7 supplies will find BG will refuse to install the a Home Charge unit if you plan to use and off-peak feed. Secondly, if you relent and leg them use the standard supply, this device might be clever and share your consumption details and even be remotely controlled by the National Grid… But if you want to use your cheaper Night Tariff – forget it, there’s no timer, and your EV will start to draw power as soon as you plug it in.

    This is a cheap and cheerful budget solution, but if you are careful with money this is not the Chargepoint for you.

  • Rob Burrows

    This looks like a professional advert written as a review. Why go on
    about British Gas otherwise? They ripped me off over the government
    grant and have left me with a useless charge point that I have been
    trying to get them to take responsibility for since May 2014. My MP has
    been involved and apparently they told his office that they had offered
    me a universal charge point! Nonsense – I have the call recorded! They
    fitted something that fits only a tiny number of electric cars while
    telling me it was suitable as the European standard and I have been
    trying to get them to change it to the type two socket that is the
    standard. The last thing they told my MP was that I have cancelled the
    application and needed to reapply. Funny, I cold swear that I have
    useless piece rubbish with their name on stuck on my wall and have to
    keep it up and on for three years or repay the £1000 grant. Meanwhile you can buy one for around £350. The whole thing is a con. You have been warned!

  • Alex Walsh

    Hi Rob, I can only comment on my experience with my Nissan LEAF, and please bear in mind that this installation was done almost 2 years ago.Considering the LEAF is the best selling electric car in the UK (excluding quadrocycles like the GWizz), I can only assume that you have an entirely different charge point?

  • Alex Walsh

    We’re on U Switch and don’t use Economy 7. Not an issue for us.

  • Peter Grant, Glasgow

    U Switch is a comparison site, not a supplier. Clearly you’re still paying over the odds for your supplies if avoiding E7.

  • Alex Walsh

    Whoops, I meant First Utility, I always make that mistake. I decided on a fixed tariff that was cheaper now that what I had been paying on a combined tariff with my previous supplier :) Aside from charging the car, I don’t see what benefit E7 would have for us and we’d probably pay more for the day time usage?