My #shelfie or how we’re terrible book hoarders

The great clear out continues apace- this weekend alone I’ve taken two bin bags of clothes to the charity shop and another one down to the clothing bank. Earlier this year we sold a couple of dozen books to Amazon and took another 100 or so down to the charity shop. At times I’ve wondered if they have any stock on display that wasn’t supplied by us. But still, our 6 IKEA Billy bookcases in the room we grandly call our library are mostly double stacked with books, with any gaps at the top often filled up with more books.

What’s more galling is I’ve started buying a lot more books on Kindle now as it’s sometimes cheaper and more convenient.

Still, we’re starting to see an improvement in the general clutter in the house, it is looking tidier so perhaps the book cases are the next place to target…