Review: Karcher WV60 Window Vac

Well Karcher have done it again. They’ve sent me a product I was dreading reviewing because I genuinely couldn’t see any point to it whatsoever in the WV60 Window Vac (RRP £79.99). What possible reason could there be to vacuum detergent (or anything else for that matter) off a window?

Well it turns out I was wrong. Again. We’ve been getting window cleaners in recently because a combination of sticky kids and dirty rain (not as daft as it sounds, there has been Saharan sand and everything else recently) but it’s been a few weeks so I thought I’d give the Karcher WV60 Window Vac the benefit of the doubt since it wasn’t raining like it was supposed to be.

Obviously applying the detergent and squidging it around is a fairly straightforward process- you can’t help but feel a slight berk with a spray bottle with a big flannel attached to it but bear with it as the results are great. The actual vacuum cleaner itself is a bit of a revelation- it sucks up the water, which is exactly what you’d expect a vacuum to do, but the clever rubber lip basically ensures it does this leaving your window entirely smear free. Let me say that again in case you weren’t paying attention. It leaves your window entirely smear free. Worth the entrance price alone I think.

What’s more, you can use the vac itself for removing condensation from windows in the winter, which certain beats going round with a hand towel- this should stop any mould developing and keep your nets from getting waterstained (if you have them, we do!).

Aside from windows, you can use the Karcher Window Vac on tiles and other similar surfaces. It’s been a revelation, so much so we’ve talked ourselves out of palming it off on the parents.