We’re off to Nozstock 2014!!

We had such a great time at Nozstock last year, that we’re going again. Nozstock is a boutique festival, with around 5,000 people descending on a farm in Herefordshire during early August. We’ve done several festivals in the past  with the kids (Wilderness, Bestival and Folk by the Oak) but I have to say that Nozstock is the only one that has meaningful family camping. The entrance to the family enclosure is guarded by three members of staff who will only let families in. This contrasts well with other festivals that let groups of drunken teens park their tents in the family area.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer because I like a bit of chap-hop and his stuff is jolly entertaining. 5,000 attendees sounds like a lot but the site is large enough that you never feel particularly crowded and with some thoughtful choices in both music and other entertainment it’s not like one of those mega-festivals where you have to turn up at the main stage three hours before the act you want to see so you can get a space three hundred metres back from the front.

Hoping to see some other bloggers there this year (as well as +yuri pires of couse!).