10 tips on taking better portraits from Photobox

We first used Photobox donkeys years ago when we realised it was all very well having tens of thousands of digital photos (some of which were scanned from film, they were that old) but even if we kept an infrequent back up on a second hard drive, we were only a burglary or mishap away from losing the lot of them. Coupled with the fact we never really sit around looking at them on the computer because they’re not properly curated, just a dump of every picture taken, we decided to upload them somewhere. That somewhere was Photobox and once we had done the deed, we chose the best and got them printed out for albums, which we still look at now.

The problem with digital photography is it’s easy to take a lot of photos on the assumption that one will be good enough to use. With film you only had 24 or 36 exposures on a roll and no facility to immediately review the results, so you had to craft each picture- putting thought into how it was framed, the lighting, composition and everything. With digital that has pretty much gone out the window, and even with 30 near identical photos, bad light can ruin all of them, which makes a little bit of technical nous more important than ever.

Fortunately Photobox, one of the top online printing establishments, has put together a guide on how to take better portrait photos, that’s neatly summarised in the infographic to the right.

PhotoBox kindly sent me this handy top 10 photographic guide, and I though mayhap I would share it with you all. I am good like that don’t you know.