A small bundle of intensity and rage

Playing hide & seek, the counting was hilarious

Ned has had the dice loaded against him in some ways- although the boy and Fifi have a scant 21 months between them and are often confused as twins (Fifi is very tall for her age), there are a full 3 years between Fifi and Ned. Almost before Ned could walk, he wanted to do exactly what his older siblings were doing. Ned only really has two modes, full on 2 year old joy and utter frustration because he’s too little to manage what his big brother and sister are doing.

Still, the amount of stuff he does or tries to do is probably typical of a third child; it’s well in advance of what the boy would have done at his age. I came down this morning and found him rounding up the ingredients to make cupcakes. Last week while wifey was cooking dinner, she looked outside and saw Ned completely naked, filling the paddling pool up with the hose.

He’s that sort of boy really.

At exactly two and a half (a new years day baby), Ned still isn’t sleeping brilliantly though; he’s often still up at 9 o’clock and often finds his way into our bed in the night, meaning that poor old wifey often has him in her company for over 18 hours a day. It’s not that he isn’t lovely because he is and he is utterly fascinating, beguiling in his untrammelled joy at life but bloody hell it can be draining at times.